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Attention-Driven Design:
23 Visual Principles For Designing
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Your Guide to Better Landing Pages

About the Author, Oli Gardner

Unbounce Co-Founder Oli Gardner has seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet, a passion he draws from his healthy disdain for marketers who send campaign traffic to their homepage. A prolific webinar guest and writer, he speaks internationally about the four corners of conversion: the intersection of copy, design, interaction and psychology. Oli is on a mission to help marketers combine data and design to create high-converting and delightful marketing experiences.

Attention is a limited mental resource. Each time you add links or banners to pages, you risk depleting your prospects’ mental energy—and hurting campaign ROI. But if distraction is the enemy in this story, Attention-Driven Design is our hero.

In this 68-page ebook, international speaker and writer Oli Gardner takes you on a journey towards achieving visual simplicity through psychology and interaction design—with plenty of real-web examples.

How Horror Vacui causes marketers to build crappy marketing experiences that deplete our mental energy

How to design pages with perfect attention ratios (and when to bend the rules)

How psychology and interaction design can help us increase attention (and conversions)

What John & Yoko can teach you about conversion-centered design, and why squirrels are jerks (seriously, they are)

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"Your content and educational materials are outstanding...It's amazing you can keep delivering good stuff at the frequency you do."

Paul Johnson, marketing and sales director at Displayit Inc.

Paul Johnson, marketing and sales director at Displayit Inc.

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Your Guide to Eliminating Distraction & Getting the Conversions You Deserve

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