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Day 7

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Chelsea Scholz
Jr. Campaign Strategist
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Stef Grieser
Event Marketing Manager
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Duane Brown
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Unbounce Notetaker #1
Mark John Hiemstra
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Sarah McCredie
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Monday, September 14th Sessions:

  • The Four Corners of Conversion: Understanding the Intersection of Copy, Design, Interaction & Psychology

  • Brand-Infused PPC for Better Results

  • Persuasive & Perverse Psychology: How to Win Customers and Influence People

  • A Framework For Mobile Conversion

  • Full Stack Panel: Send Emails That Actually Convert

  • Pulling the Emotional Trigger: Psychological Tactics to Convert Your Leads into Customers

  • 3 Impossible-to-Please Copywriters Teardown and Rewrite Your Headlines Live

  • Brand & CRO: Trick or Treat, the Choice is Yours

Tuesday, September 15th Sessions: 

  • Death to Fear And Laziness! How to Push Yourself to Write Sticky Landing Page Copy

  • How to Conduct Solid, Data-Driven Conversion Research

  • How To Generate Those Leads All Day, Everyday

  • From Conversion to Manipulation: How Successful Marketing Practices Persuade

  • Full Stack Panel: Actionable, Practical A/B Testing

  • Video For Conversion & Beyond

  • How Can You Foster a Better Culture Around Optimization?

  • Don't Do Anything on Your Landign Page You Wouldn't Do On a First Date

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Brad Tiller
Content Marketer / Writer

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