Digital Campaign Launch Kit

Collaborate, launch, and get results faster with this toolkit for planning and executing campaigns.

What's in the kit?

If you've ever tried to launch a marketing campaign involving multiple people/channels/tools, you're no stranger to pain. After growing the Unbounce marketing team from 3 to over 30, Director of Campaign Strategy Corey Dilley presents the processes and tools he's used to launch Unbounce's most successful campaigns.

This kit includes:

A plan for taking every campaign from initial idea to launch

The marketing campaign brief Unbounce uses to keep team members up to speed

The marketing campaign projection spreadsheet Unbounce uses to estimate campaign results

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About the Author

As Director of Campaign Strategy, Corey Dilley is charged with making sure that Unbounce's marketing campaigns drive measurable results. Corey's digital marketing stripes were earned by leading teams at ad agencies, online publishers and tech companies since 2005.

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