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Day 7

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Chelsea Scholz
Jr. Campaign Strategist
Lover of Glee Choir


Gary Allen
Academy Lead
Playlist Connoisseur


Tia Kelly
Account Manager
Poutine Enthusiast


Amanda Durepos
Content Coordinator
Collage Artist Extraordinaire


Duane Brown
PPC & Performance Marketer
Fancy Globetrotter


Oli Gardner
Unbounce Co-Founder
Landing Page Aficionado


Dan Levy
Content Strategist
Ride-or-Die Montreal-er


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Monday Sessions:

  • Keynote with Surojit Chatterjee (Grand Ballroom)

  • PPC Strategy for Start-Ups

  • Worldwide Reach: The Impact Of International PPC

  • RLSA: Capturing The Wandering Visitor

  • Create An Ad Testing Framework To Perfect Your Ads

  • Forming Client Partnerships For Long-Term Success

Tuesday Sessions

  • Embracing The Inevitable: Account Restructures And Transitions

  • Build It Right: Account Setup And Structure

  • Add To It: The Value of Ad Extensions

  • B2B PPC: Partners In Business

Monday Sessions

  • Building And Managing A World-Class PPC Team

  • Making The Case For Match Type Segmentation

  • The Psychology of PPC: How Consumer Behavior Affects You

  • The Best And Worst Bid Rules Ever Written

  • Lead Gen & eCommerce PPC: You Got The Lead, Now What?

  • Keynote with Tim Ash (Grand Ballroom)

Tuesday Sessions

  • The Buyer Journey: Using Paid Media To Drive Demand

  • Re-Evaluating Success: The Value of PPC Audits

  • Where Are They? Leveraging Geography for PPC Success

  • PPC Heroes' Favorite PPC Mistakes: Lessons Learned

Monday Sessions

  • PPC For Social: Leveraging Paid And Organic Campaigns For Facebook And LinkedIn

  • Quality Score: As Relevant As It's Ever Been

  • Advanced Excel Trickery: Account-Side Efficiencies & Post-Transactional Analysis

  • How To Win With The Unexpected, Forming Client Partnerships For Long-Term Success

  • Leveraging Analytics To Boost Your PPC Performance

Tuesday Sessions 

  • Keynote with Andrew Goodman (Grand Ballroom)

  • Open Your Eyes To Advanced AdWords Scripts

  • PPC In Your Hand: Search Advertising For Mobile Devices

  • PPC + LPO: Insider Strategies For High-Converting Campaigns

  • Buy Now: Google Shopping And Bing Product Ads

Monday Sessions

  • How Smart Marketers Bridge Content And PPC Marketing

  • LIVE Landing Page Audit

  • From Target CPA to Maximizing Clicks: Using Google Bid Management Tools

  • Advanced Conversion Optimization For High Traffic Websites And Mobile Devices

  • Transforming Tweets Into Closed Deals

Tuesday Sessions

  • Selling Better: PPC Strategies For eCommerce & Call Extensions

  • Your Brand In Visuals: Retargeting With Display Advertising

  • PPC Heroes' Favorite Excel Hacks

  • Fill The Form: Driving Quality Leads And Delivering Results

  • Keynote with Brian Sise (Grand Ballroom)

Unbounce Notetaker #1
Dan Levy
Content Strategist

Unbounce Notetaker #2
Amanda Durepos
Content Coordinator

Unbounce Notetaker #3
Gary Allen
Academy Lead

Unbounce Notetaker #4
Duane Brown
PPC & Performance Marketer

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