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The Ultimate Guide to Landing Page Optimization

Everything You Need to Know About LPO

About the Authors, Angus Lynch & Amanda Durepos

Angus Lynch loves the subtleties that take marketing copy from background noise to conversion-driven messaging. After 5 years as a freelance copywriter, Angus joined Rooster Engagement Tools as Director of Marketing in April 2014. One year later, Rooster was acquired by Unbounce, and Angus joined the team as Marketing Copywriter.

This 58-page guide will teach you everything you need to know about Landing Page Optimization (LPO), including examples, workflow and more.

What LPO is all about and what you need to construct a high-converting landing page

The 7 steps to creating and optimizing a landing page, and a team workflow that really works

Good and bad landing pages that are broken down and critiqued for conversion by the author, Oli Gardner

How to show the value of LPO in terms that stakeholders can understand

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12 Proven Ways to Convert with Overlays from Unbounce

"Your content and educational materials are outstanding...It's amazing you can keep delivering good stuff at the frequency you do."

Paul Johnson, marketing and sales director at Displayit Inc.

Paul Johnson, marketing and sales director at Displayit Inc.

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Your Guide to Delivering Relevant Offers to the Right People at the Right Time

What's in the Ebook?

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Amanda Durepos is the Blog Editor at Unbounce, where she spends her days creating and curating share-worthy content to help marketers #dobetter at their jobs. She has five years experience as a content marketer, working previously as a freelance blogger and at Mirasee where she provided one-on-one help for hundreds of marketers working to build online audiences.

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