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Chelsea Scholz
Campaign Strategist
Dinner Party Planner & Thespian


Phil Climie
Account Executive
Outdoor Enthusiast


Dustin Bromley
Event Marketing Coordinator
Music Lover & Festival Creator


Emily Zurrer
Account Executive

Olympic Bronze Medallist


Cody Campbell
SEO Manager
Backpacking/Adrenaline Junkie


Unbounce Notetaker #1
Cody Campbell
SEO Manager

Maggie Crowley
Marketing Educator
Soccer Star


Monday, September 12th Sessions:

  • Welcome to Mozcon 2016!

  • Uplevel Your A/B Testing Skills

  • The Big One: Relaunching Your Website

  • The Hidden Talents of Email: Creating Customer-Centric Messages

  • How to Do Reputation Marketing

  • Rethinking Information Architecture for SEO and Content Marketing

  • Breaking Patterns: How to Rewrite the CRO Playbook with Mobile Optimization

  • Taking the Top Spot: How to Earn More Featured Snippets

  • Content Chaos: Building Your Brand through Constant Experiments

  • Social Media: People First, "Rules" Second

Tuesday, September 13th Sessions: 

  • You Can't Type a Concept: Why Keywords Still Matter

  • How to Be Specific: From-the-Trenches Lessons in High-Converting Copy

  • Server Log Files & Technical SEO Audits: What You Need to Know

  • Digital Marketing Skill Pivot: Recruiting New Talent

  • Boost SEO Rankings by Removing Internal Links

  • Improve Your UX & SEO through Navigation Optimization

  • Local Projects to Boost Your Company and Career

  • Reimagining Customer Retention and Evangelism

  • Optimizing the Journey to Deliver Radically Relevant Experiences

  • Putting Trust into Domain Authority


Wednesday, September 14th Sessions: 

  • The Irresistible Power of Strategic Storytelling

  • 29 Advanced Google Tag Manager Tips Every Marketer Should Know

  • Engineering-as-Marketing for Non-Engineers

  • Persuasion, Data, & Collaboration: Building Links in 2016

  • Indexing on Fire: Google Firebase Native and Web App Indexing

  • Mind Games: Craft Killer Experiences with 7 Lessons from Cognitive Psychology

  • Link Building's Tipping Point

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Unbounce Notetaker #2
Chelsea Scholz
Campaign Strategist

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