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This 50-page guide will teach you everything you need to know to increase Quality Score, improve conversion rates and lower the cost per acquisition by using relevant landing pages.

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The 2 pillars of successful landing pages for PPC

How to identify & capitalize on user intent

How to decode Quality Score

When to sacrifice Quality Score for conversions

How to build the Ultimate PPC Landing Page

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The Ultimate Guide to PPC Landing Pages

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Matt Hessler is a bonafide search nerd. He has worked in search marketing since 2002, which is pretty much the stone ages. His search experience has ranged from building Google’s first 1 million keyword campaign to managing multimillion dollar per month budgets for CondeĢ Nast and Publishers Clearing House as well as speaking at SMX and AdTech. He currently serves as Director of Search for Trada, a Google-funded startup in Boulder, Colorado.

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