At Unbounce, we know how stressful it can be to attend a conference and try to take notes at the same time. You want to take it all in, but your face is buried in a glowing laptop trying to get every key point down for your boss! Well, fret no more: Unbounce has sent a gang of notetakers to The Uberflip Experience to take the notes for you — and they'll all live right here, on an Unbounce landing page.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the UFX notes. We've got this.

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Day 7

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Amy Wood
Content Coordinator
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Amanda Durepos
Blog Editor
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Unbounce Notetaker #1
Amy Wood
Content Coordinator

Wednesday, August 24th Sessions:

  • Great Content Isn't Enough

  • Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers

  • The Problem with Personalization in B2B

  • Never Be Content with Content

  • When ABM & Content Collide: How to Build an Account-Based Content Strategy

  • Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready for the Wild, Wild West?

  • Panel TBA

Thursday, August 25th Sessions: 

  • Supply & Demand: Making the Case for Less Content

  • Advanced Blogging: Analytics, Optimization, and Outreach

  • Winfluencer Marketing: How B2B Companies are Winning Hearts & Minds with Influencer Content

  • Marketing is Dead; Only Moments Matter

  • Panel TBA

  • The Present and Future of B2B Brands

  • The Science of Content

  • To Be "Ann"-ounced

  • Thriving in the Expression Economy

Unbounce Notetaker #2
Helen Arceyut-Frixione
Content Strategist / Writer

Unbounce Notetaker #3
Amanda Durepos
Blog Editor

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